What are Connectors

Connectors hook up Danswer to your data sources so that answers are grounded in your organization’s knowledge.

Connectors help you

  • Choose Sources so you can include only the data you want indexed.
  • Configure Access so Danswer can securely access data with your permission.
  • Set Up Fetching options to keep Danswer’s answers up to date.

Monitoring Connectors

Open the Connectors Dashboard (accessible from the profile icon on the top right) At the top there is a Status page which shows which sources have been indexed and the status of the indexing job.


Missing a Connector?

Is there a Connector that would be useful to you? Let us know via a GitHub Issues page. (Please check if the connector you’re interested in is already mentioned).

Don’t forget to thumbs up the issues requesting the connectors that you would like to see built next!

Contributing a Connector

As Danswer is opensource, one of the best features is that anyone can add to it! We encourage people who need new connectors to contribute it back to the Danswer repo for other people to benefit as well.

Refer to this README guide for how to add a new Connector.