What is Danswer

Danswer is an Open Source Enterprise Question Answering Tool.

But what is that? 🤔

What do you mean by Question Answer?

  • Direct QA allows you to ask questions in simple language and receive instant, accurate responses.
  • Unlock knowledge from private data sources whether that be company internal documents or personal sources you want to add.
  • Every answer is backed by quotes and reference documents so you can always trust what you get back.

What about OpenSource?

  • The project is licensed under the MIT License, do anything you’d like!
  • Danswer is built to be easily hosted by anyone, all you need to setup are the data connectors.

How about Enterprise?

  • Danswer has user authentication with document level access control.
  • Danswer provides connectors to common enterprise tools such as Slack, Google Drive, GitHub etc.

Main Features 💃

  • Direct QA powered by Generative AI models with answers backed by quotes and source links.
  • Intelligent Document Retrieval (Semantic Search/Reranking pipeline) using the latest LLMs.
  • An AI Helper backed by a custom Deep Learning model to interpret user intent.
  • User authentication with document level access management.
  • Connectors to Slack, GitHub, GoogleDrive, Confluence, BookStack, local files, and web scrapping, with more to come.
  • Management Dashboard to manage connectors and set up features such as live update fetching.
  • One line Docker Compose deployment of all services to host Danswer anywhere.


  • Chat/Conversation support.
  • Support custom endpoints for Generative AI models or even self-host options.
  • Template to easily build custom connectors.
  • Personalized search