What is Danswer

Danswer is the AI Assistant connected to your company’s docs, apps, and people. Danswer provides a Chat interface and plugs into any LLM of your choice. Danswer can be deployed anywhere and for any scale - on a laptop, on-premise, or to cloud. Since you own the deployment, your user data and chats are fully in your own control. Danswer is MIT licensed and designed to be modular and easily extensible. The system also comes fully ready for production usage with user authentication, role management (admin/basic users), chat persistence, and a UI for configuring Personas (AI Assistants) and their Prompts.

Danswer also serves as a Unified Search across all common workplace tools such as Slack, Google Drive, Confluence, etc. By combining LLMs and team specific knowledge, Danswer becomes a subject matter expert for the team. It’s like ChatGPT if it had access to your team’s unique knowledge! It enables questions such as “A customer wants feature X, is this already supported?” or “Where’s the pull request for feature Y?”

Danswer can also be plugged into existing tools like Slack to get answers and AI chats directly in Slack.


Main Features 💃

  • Chat UI with the ability to select documents to chat with.
  • Create custom AI Assistants with different prompts and backing knowledge sets.
  • Connect Danswer with LLM of your choice (self-host for a fully airgapped solution).
  • Document Search + AI Answers for natural language queries.
  • Connectors to all common workplace tools like Google Drive, Confluence, Slack, etc.
  • Slack integration to get answers and search results directly in Slack.


  • Chat/Prompt sharing with specific teammates and user groups.
  • Multi-modal model support, chat with images, video etc.
  • Choosing between LLMs and parameters during chat session.
  • Tool calling and agent configurations options.
  • Organizational understanding and ability to locate and suggest experts from your team.

Other Noteable Benefits of Danswer

  • User Authentication with document level access management.
  • Best in class Hybrid Search across all sources (BM-25 + prefix aware embedding models).
  • Admin Dashboard to configure connectors, document-sets, access, etc.
  • Custom deep learning models + learn from user feedback.
  • Easy deployment and ability to host Danswer anywhere of your choosing.