What is Danswer

Danswer is an Open Source Unified Search across all your workplace tools.

But what is that? 🤔

Main Features 💃

  • Document Search + AI Answers for natural language queries.
  • Connectors to all common workplace tools like Google Drive, Confluence, Slack, etc.
  • Chat support (think ChatGPT but it has access to your private knowledge sources).
  • Create custom AI Assistants with different prompts and backing knowledge sets.
  • Slack integration to get answers and search results directly in Slack.

Other Noteable Benefits of Danswer

  • Best in class Hybrid Search across all sources (BM-25 + prefix aware embedding models).
  • User Authentication with document level access management.
  • Admin Dashboard to configure connectors, document-sets, access, etc.
  • Custom deep learning models + learn from user feedback.
  • Connect Danswer with LLM of your choice for a fully airgapped solution.
  • One line Docker Compose deployment of all services to host Danswer anywhere.
    • Or run it with Kubernetes.


  • Organizational understanding and subject matter expert recommendation
  • Personalized Search
  • Code Search
  • Structured query languages like SQL, excel formulas etc.