How it works

The BookStack connector fetches all shelves, books, chapters and pages from the connected instance upon connector setup. From that point on, the connector will pull in everything updated since last sync every 10 minutes.

Setting up


You will need API credentials for a user in your BookStack instance. To do this:

  1. Find or create a user you’d want to use as the connection user.
    • Visibility of BookStack contents will depend on this user’s permissions.
    • This user must have a role assigned that has the “Access system API” system permission.
  2. Edit that user using an admin account, and find the “API Tokens” section at the bottom of the view.

BookStack API Tokens List View

  1. Click the “Create Token” button, then enter a name and (optionally) an expiry date for the token. Then press save.
  2. Copy the shown “Token ID” and “Token Secret” values for the “Indexing” section below.

BookStack API Token View


  1. Navigate to the Admin Dashboard and select the BookStack connector.
  2. In Step 1, provide the base URL of your BookStack instance, along with the API Token ID and the API Token Secret you obtained in the “Authorization” steps above:

BookStack connector step 1 view

  1. Click the Connect button! Your content will then be pulled into Danswer every 10 minutes.

BookStack connector step 2 view