How it works

The Gong connector pulls in the transcripts of calls recorded via Gong. The Gong connector indexes the call title, call description, and contents of the actual transcript.

New transcripts are pulled every 10 minutes.

Setting up


  1. User must get an Access Key and Access Key Secret to pull in Gong transcripts
  2. As an admin, go to Company Settings on the right of the top options bar (see below) GongMenu
  3. Next, find the Ecosystem block and select API GongEcosystem
  4. Once there, select API KEYS (it’s right next to INTEGRATIONS)
  5. Click on GET API KEY and note down the ACCESS KEY and ACCESS KEY SECRET


  1. In the Danswer UI, navigate to the Admin Dashboard and select the Gong Connector
  2. Provide the Access Key and Access Key Secret from the previous step
  3. Add a list of workspaces to index or leave empty to index all workspaces
  4. Click Connect to begin indexing Gong call transcripts