How it works

The Jira connector pulls in all tickets from the specified projects every 10 minutes.

For every jira issue this connector will pull:

  • Title
  • Description
  • Common fields (like assignee, reporter, status etc.)
  • Custom fields
  • Comments

Setting up


  1. Jira Cloud: follow the guide described here to get an access token.
  2. Jira Server: follow the guide described here to get a personal access token.


  1. Navigate to the Admin Dashboard and select the Jira Connector
  2. Provide credentials


Provide the Access Token and the Username it belongs to: JiraConnectorAuth


Provide the Personal Access Token: JiraConnectorAuth

  1. For each project you want to index, provide a single URL to any page in the project. Also you can specify which users comments not to index (this is generally useful to ignore certain bots). For example, it might look like the following:


  1. Click the Connect button! All your Jira tickets in that space will now be pulled into Danswer every 10 minutes.