How it works

The Zulip connector pulls in all streams and topics according to the permissions assigned to the bot user.

Setting up


  1. Danswer interfaces with Zulip as a Zulip Bot which is authenticated using the zuliprc config format. For more context directly from Zulip, refer to the following docs:
  2. Start by creating a Zulip Bot


  1. Copy the Bot authentication info (zuliprc contents), see red arrow below:


Keep this copied text to provide to Danswer in the next step


  1. Navigate to the Admin Dashboard and select the Zulip Connector
  2. In Step 1, paste in the copied zuliprc value
  3. Grab your Zulip Realm/URL info, see below:


  1. In Step 2, provide the values for the Realm and URL