How it works

The Dropbox connector ingests all documents from your Dropbox account into Danswer.

The connector recursively pulls all files from the root directory of your Dropbox account. It is currently not possible to pull files only from specific directories.

The connector will only pull once upon initialization. If you would like to pull more documents, you must generate a new access token (step 6 below), put that token into the connector, and re-initialize the connector.

Setting up


  1. Head over to and click the Create app button on the top right
  2. Select Scoped access and Full Dropbox as the type of access. Give your app a name like ‘Danswer Connector’ and click Create app DropboxStep1
  3. Click on the Permissions tab DropboxStep2
  4. Check the and sharing.write permissions so the files can be read and links for the documents can be created DropboxStep3
  5. Click Submit to save the changes DropboxStep4
  6. Navigate to the Settings tab and scroll down to the OAuth 2 section. Click Generate to generate an access token
    You must complete steps 3-5 before generating an access token. Changing permissions will not affect permissions on existing access tokens, and Danswer will be unable to index your Dropbox
  7. Copy the access token
    Refresh the page if you need to regenerate your access token


  1. In the Danswer UI, navigate to the Admin Dashboard and select the Dropbox Connector
  2. Provide the access token from the previous step
  3. Click Connect to begin indexing your Dropbox files