How it works

The ClickUp connector will pull in all tasks from the ClickUp workspace, or specific space(s), list(s), folder(s) specified by the user.

Tasks are updated every 10 minutes.

Understanding ClickUp Hierarchy

In Clickup, there are multiple containers which contain task(s). These could be -

  • Entire Workspace
  • Spaces
  • Folders
  • Lists

Detailed information on the hierarchy of above mentioned objects is available here


Setting up


  1. Log into ClickUp.
  2. In ClickUp 2.0, click your avatar in the lower-left corner and select Apps. In ClickUp 3.0, click your avatar in the upper-right corner, select Settings, and scroll down to click Apps in the sidebar.
  3. Under API Token, click Generate.
  4. A Personal API token will be generated and displayed!



  1. Navigate to the Admin Dashboard and select the ClickUp Connector
  2. In Step 1, provide your API Token and the Team ID from above.


  1. Select the type of connector you want to pull in tasks from.


  • This could be Entire Worspace, Space(s), List(s), or Folder(s).
  • To pull tasks from entire workspace, just select Entire Workspace from the dropdown, and do not add any ID(s).
  • To pull tasks from specific space(s), folder(s), or lists(s), select the respective option from the dropdown, and add the ID(s) below. At least one ID needs to be added in this case.
  • The space id(s), folder id(s), list id(s) could be found in the web url in Clickup. For example, if you open a list in the ClickUp UI, you will see the list id in the url address bar as follows -


  1. If any of the Space(s), List(s), or Folder(s) connector type is selected, add one or more respective IDs to index the tasks from.

  2. Check Retrieve Task Comments? to also retrieve and index all comments for each indexed task. Leave this unchecked if you dont want to index task comments.

  3. Click Connect to begin indexing.