This section walks through setting up the Gmail connector using a OAuth-enabled Google App. Anyone can do this (even without a paid Google Workspace)!

If you’re an organization with a Google Workspace, and you’d rather use a Service Account to access Gmail, it will be available soon!


  1. Create a Google Cloud Project

  2. Enable the Gmail API

    • On the left panel, open APIs & services
    • Go to Enabled APIs and services
    • On the top click +ENABLE APIS AND SERVICES
    • Search for Gmail API and click ENABLE
    • Alternatively visit this link, select your project and enable the Gmail API
  3. Set up the OAuth consent screen

    • Under APIs & services, select the OAuth consent screen tab
    • If you don’t have a Google Organization select External for User Type
    • Call the app Danswer (or whatever you want)
    • For the required emails, use any email of your choice or if you wish for the Danswer team to help handle issues.
  4. Set up Scopes

    • Add the scope .../auth/gmail.readonly for Gmail API GmailScopes
  5. Set up Test users

    • This is only applicable for users without a Google Organization.
      • Typically for a company, Danswer would be set up as an internal app so this step would not apply.
    • Add at least one test user email. Only the email accounts added here will be allowed to run the OAuth flow to index new emails.
    • Click SAVE AND CONTINUE, review the changes and click BACK TO DASHBOARD
  6. Create Credentials

    • Go to the Credentials tab and select + CREATE CREDENTIALS -> OAuth client ID GmailCredential

    • Choose Web application and give it some name like DanswerConnector

    • Add a Authorized JavaScript origins for http://localhost:3000 (or https://<INTERNAL_DEPLOYMENT_URL> if you have setup Danswer for production use)

    • Add a Authorized redirect URIs for http://localhost:3000/admin/connectors/gmail/auth/callback (or https://<INTERNAL_DEPLOYMENT_URL>/admin/connectors/gmail/auth/callback if you have setup Danswer for production use) GmailScopes

    • Click create and on the right hand side next to Client secret, there is an option to download the credentials as a JSON. Download the JSON for use in the next step. GmailScopes


  1. Navigate to the Admin Dashboard and select the Gmail Connector.
  2. Select the credentials JSON from step 6 above as shown in image below, then click the Upload button to save your credentials into Danswer.
  3. Click on Authenticate with Gmail
    • Completing the OAuth flow will allow Danswer to index the emails that the user has read access to.
  4. Enter a Connector name and click the Connect button! All Gmail emails accessible by the user who completed step (3) will now be pulled into Danswer every 10 minutes.